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two students sparring at a self defense class in westwood nj

Self Defense Classes Get You In Fighting Shape

Consistency is key in any endeavor especially when it comes to getting in great shape. However, oftentimes the monotony of going to a gym, lifting weights and running on a treadmill is so boring that it's hard to attain that consistency. Why make things harder for yourself when there is an easy solution? When you’re taking self defense classes you’re not looking at a clock or counting reps. Your mind is engaged in learning a skill that could save your life. Ditch the gym and try some self defense training instead.

bergen county woman being followed by mugger in a parking garage

Are you tired of feeling like a potential victim? Try Our Self Defense Classes for Women.

Do you want the Incredible Self Confidence Of Knowing That You Have The Ability To Handle Yourself And Protect Your Loved One’s No Matter What The Situation? That’s what our self defense classes in bergen county nj can do for you. Taking Self Defense Classes at Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA means that you don’t have to be the victim. Our goal is to teach you practical real world self defense while increasing your strength, stamina and flexibility. Getting in shape shouldn’t have to be a chore. It should be fun, engaging, and able to keep you coming back consistently for more. Additionally, self defense should be realistic, practical, and able to be used when it counts most. Our self defense classes for women give you both the confidence to stop an assault and the skills to back it up.

a women’s self defense class in session with two women practicing together

Self Defense Classes For Women

There is a reason why all combat sports have weight limits.  Strength and size do matter.  When it comes to fighting off an attacker its integral to choose a self defense system that can nullify them.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu not only allows you to submit an opponent by breaking limbs and choking them unconscious.  It makes you incredibly difficult to keep on the ground and give you the best chance extricating yourself from a self defense situation.  Not only that but as a by product of consistent training you will gain muscle and lose fat, increase strength and stamina.  Your cardio will go through the roof and you will feel more energetic in your day to day activities.  Your flexibility will increase and your muscles will get rock hard and toned. You’ll develop explosive power, balance, coordination, and increased reaction time all the while de-stressing from work

two women taking a self defense class together in westwood nj

Self Defense Classes Are Fun

Learning self defense should be fun. Training Grounds has a warm friendly atmosphere and our self defense classes are fun and engaging.  Learning how to defend yourself through our exciting drills, and positional trainings make each class a great experience.  Learning BJJ for self defense is an engaging way to train both your body and mind and when you enjoy the the experience it makes learning so much easier.  You will grow every time you come here.

two men sparring in a self defense class

Progress At Your Own Pace In Our Self Defense Program

Beginner students don’t do any sparring until they are ready. The self defense training in the foundations program focuses on teaching the foundational bread and butter techniques every self defense student must know. It's important that you progress at a pace that feels comfortable to you. No matter if your goal is to earn a black belt, to get in great shape, or to be prepared for a self defense situation, we can help you get there.

two men training self defense together smiling and laughing

Self Defense Training Eliminates Stress & Supercharges Your Body

Self Defense Training is a great way to relieve anxiety and stress. Your body will be flowing with endorphins and supercharged from the amazing workout you will get all the while having fun. It's hard to workout when you aren’t really interested in what you are doing. That’s why so many people fail when they go to a regular gym and run on a treadmill or lift weights. You’ll never feel like working out is a chore when you train at a self defense school because your mind will always be preoccupied with what you’re learning.

self defense students lined up to take a picture smiling at the camera in the school

Learn Self Defense In A Welcoming Atmosphere

One of the most common things you will hear from a Training Grounds Self Defense student is how friendly our student body is. Everyone is joined together in the pursuit of a common goal and takes pride in helping out newer members. You’ll never just be a number or a face in the crowd. Chances are you’ll make some life long friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have taken prior self defense classes to participate?

No experience is required to take self defense classes at Training Grounds. We start you from the ground up and let you progress at the pace you feel comfortable at.

What kind of equipment do I need?

For the Jiu-Jitsu classes you will be taking you need a Gi which is the traditional uniform. For the kickboxing classes you will need 16oz bag gloves.

As a beginner, do I need to spar?

Sparring is actually detrimental to the beginner before they have learned the fundamentals of self defense. It's like trying to dance before you have learned the dance steps. Our self defense program places an emphasis on drilling and light positional training as a beginner.

My main priority is fitness. Can I expect to lose weight and gain muscle in your self defense classes?

Our self defense classes utilize interval training which is proven to be the most effective way to burn fat. Additionally, by training with a partner you will also have the resistance you need to build muscle. Self defense training produces a toned athletic physique.

Do I need to be in shape before I start training Self Defense?

Nothing that you do prior can get you ready or self defense training like actually doing self defense training. The classes themselves are designed to get you in the shape you need.


Secure your spot & get started today with our EXCLUSIVE online offer!

  • Dan Sullivan

    “I am a police officer so I wanted not just to be able to defend myself but to do in an effective way with control. This program teaches you that.”
    - Dan Sullivan

  • Josh Vereb

    “The success of their students and the way I have been treated are a testament to their quality.”
    - Joshua Vereb

  • Jason looking happy after getting promoted to the blue belt

    “Great atmosphere, no egos, everyone is super friendly plus you get lots of personal attention.”
    - Jason Schlesier

  • physician paul gaglio surfing in the ocean before he trains mma for self defense in westwood nj

    “The "Foundations" program which I am participating in has allowed me to learn a new martial arts skill set, lose weight, increase my flexibility both physically and mentally.”
    - Paul Gaglio
    Head Of Liver Transplant Surgery

  • Elvin Ramirez In His Jiu-Jitsu Uniform Smiling

    “The atmosphere is one of teamwork, camaraderie and just a real sense of fun and growth.”
    - Elvin Ramirez

  • Chelsea martinez training women’s martial arts in westwood nj

    “Training Grounds has better equipped me to defend myself. The confidence I have gained is backed by a solid skill set that won’t let me down when I need it most.”
    - Chelsea Martinez

  • kelly Lynam smiling in her uniform at her bjj class in westwood

    “I am a personal trainer and I can say that the training grounds program will make you stronger, and increase your stamina, all the while giving you solid self defense skills.”
    - Kelly Lynam

    erik wegner
    Erik Wegner

    This is the best self defense training you are going to get in bergen county. Not only that but it’s the best family environment that you will be a part of. Each member really wants to help each other grow. If you are looking for self defense this is the place to learn it, especially if you want a group of instructors who always prioritize their students growth and class experience.
    Westwood, NJ

    Emily Reimann
    Emily Reimann

    My boyfriend and I joined here last year. He and I were always interested in learning self defense. As a woman it is extremely empowering to see women in the advanced class who can spar with a man and tap them out! It truly is a woman’s best chance at defending herself. The instructors have been very encouraging and helpful. Lots of personal attention and friendly people.
    Westwood, NJ

    Todd Adelstein
    Todd Adelstein

    Great place to learn self defense for all levels. The atmosphere is one of teamwork, camaraderie and just a real sense of fun and growth. If you want to learn self defense in a controlled environment where you don’t have to be worried about reckless students or getting hurt this is the place.
    Emerson, NJ

    Robert Karpinski

    Without a doubt the best martial arts school I have ever been to. It's an amazing way to get in shape. I found this place through online searches for self defense training and they had the best reputation. I was so nervous for my first class and must have sat in the parking lot for at least 15 min lol. I was really worried about a bunch of muscle heads or tough guys looking to let out their aggression on the new guy. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. I was greeted within 10 seconds of walking in by friendly students. The staff answered all my questions. I had the best workout I’ve ever had. Much better than going to the gym where I was bored out of my mind. This place really does deserve the reviews that you see online. I highly recommend it if you want to learn self defense.
    Paramus, NJ

    Ross Tanner
    Ross Tanner

    I’m a competitive guy have played every high school and middle school sport. I was really looking to learn self defense at a place that had a team atmosphere. I didn’t want it to just be a solitary venture. Training Grounds is the best self defense gym in NJ no matter what your experience level is.
    Hohokus, NJ

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