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A packed martial arts class in westwood where two men are engaged in fierce combat

Martial Arts In Bergen County: Try The Best Martial Arts Classes In Westwood NJ

One of the reasons students tell us that we have the best martial arts classes in bergen county is because we have an easy to learn step by step martial arts curriculum that takes you from zero experience to becoming a martial arts black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Most martial arts schools have a completely unorganized approach to teaching that hinders your progress and makes it take years longer than it should to reach the black belt level. Additionally, we put every technique online in our martial arts video library to help you review and retain what you have been taught.

A view inside a martial arts school in bergen county where an instructor is teaching his student how to perform an armbar

Are You Looking For Top Notch Martial Arts Schools In Bergen County? Our classes will teach you to…

Our martial arts school is designed for the true martial artist who wants to really master the art and who has a goal of reaching the black belt.  We do this through highly qualified coaching, a fun and organized curriculum, unmatched personal attention and a great welcoming atmosphere. You will learn how to defend yourself both on the feet and on the ground while increasing strength, stamina and flexibility.

A martial arts instructor correcting a student on how to perform a shoulder lock in class

Martial Arts Classes are fun and mentally stimulating

Training martial arts should be fun! Our classes will whip you into the best shape of your life while engaging both your mind and body. Most people train martial arts simply because they want to do something different and mentally stimulating.
Our classes are packed with with engaging drills, techniques, and positional training which make learning martial arts exciting.

A martial arts class in westwood nj in session where an instructor is sparring with his student

Martial Arts Classes Are A Comprehensive Total Body Fitness Solution

Do you ever struggle being consistent in your workouts? You’re not alone. In fact that’s why many people switch from going to a gym and running on a treadmill and lifting weights to our martial arts classes. Each class you’ll experience the resistance training you need to build muscle and the interval training you need to burn fat. Martial arts training gives you the athletic chiseled body type without having to deal with the monotony of going to the gym and checking exercises off a checklist. Both your mind and your body are engaged while you learn an invaluable skill.

two girls having a great time practicing a martial art for women

Martial Arts Classes Help You To De-Stress From Everyday Life

We all feel stress and anxiety some of the time. However, consistently high stress levels has been shown to have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health. Martial arts training is a great way to destress and reduce your anxiety levels. Your body is going to be infused with endorphins as you participate in our martial arts classes. The discipline of coming to class and and the positive results you achieve will carry over into both your personal and professional lives.

rows of students at a martial arts school in bergen county drilling under the supervision of their instructor

Martial Arts Training Gives You Confidence And Pride

Do you want to be able to live life with pride and the confidence that comes from consistently training in a proven self defense system? BJJ, and Kickboxing have proven their efficacy in the MMA world time and time again. Our martial arts training is focused on giving you the tools you need to be able to defend yourself. Additionally, once you are in the advanced program you will have the confidence that comes from sparring when you test yourself against other fighters.

A martial arts class instructor in westwood nj teaching two students the proper way to perform an armbar

Effective Martial Arts Training Requires Personal Attention

In our program you should expect to grow and learn each and every class. You won’t be left struggling to understand the techniques or worse; drilling something incorrectly for an hour while the instructor focuses on the top students. Each and every student gets the quality personal attention they deserve.

A look inside a martial arts class in westwood where the instructor is teaching

Gradual Progression In The Martial Arts

We feel that each student must be able to progress in their martial arts training at the rate they feel comfortable. We understand that 90% of the people who walk through our doors have never attended a martial arts academy before. That’s why we have developed the ultimate beginner program so that you can learn in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where you can progress safely at your own pace. As a beginner there is no live sparring and you only add more intensity when you are ready to do so.

Two martial arts students about to begin a drilling session

Martial Arts Schools are a Great Way To Make lifelong Friends

We have a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and a strong sense of community in our martial arts school. For instance we throw UFC parties, go on outings together, celebrate each other’s birthdays. You’ll love the feeling of camaraderie. In addition to the quality of the instruction the best way to choose a martial arts school is to find one where there is a tight knit community and you are not just a number!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior experience in Martial Arts to start?

Our martial arts classes don’t require you to have any prior experience. We start you from the ground up with a good foundation.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Kickboxing requires 16oz gloves and wraps. Jiu-Jitsu requires a jiujitsu gi. Some students feel more comfortable with a mouthpiece as well.

As a beginner, do I need to spar?

Not we don’t allow it. When you are new to the martial arts the priority should be on drilling and learning the moves. You can also do light positional training to develop the fluidity you need. In our beginner martial arts classes you should expect to drill a lot and get a good workout but not engage in any hard sparring until you are ready.

How effective is martial arts for real world self defense?

The martial arts we teach are brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and kickboxing. The combination of those three martial arts have proven their efficacy time and time again in mixed martial arts competition.

My main priority is fitness. Can I expect to lose weight and gain muscle when training martial arts?

Absolutely. Your body is going to be pushed to the max and you should expect to not only burn a lot of calories but also to have the resistance training necessary to gain muscle. Martial arts classes will build an athletic, toned physique.

Do I need to be in shape before I start training martial arts?

No, all of our martial arts classes are designed to give you martial arts specific cardio and strength. You don’t need to be in shape before you start.

See Our Trial Offer, View Our Schedule, And Reserve Your Spot Today!
  • Dan Sullivan

    “I am a police officer so I wanted not just to be able to defend myself but to do in an effective way with control. This program teaches you that.”
    - Dan Sullivan

  • Josh Vereb

    “The success of their students and the way I have been treated are a testament to their quality.”
    - Joshua Vereb

  • Jason looking happy after getting promoted to the blue belt

    “Great atmosphere, no egos, everyone is super friendly plus you get lots of personal attention.”
    - Jason Schlesier

  • physician paul gaglio surfing in the ocean before he trains mma for self defense in westwood nj

    “The "Foundations" program which I am participating in has allowed me to learn a new martial arts skill set, lose weight, increase my flexibility both physically and mentally.”
    - Paul Gaglio
    Head Of Liver Transplant Surgery

  • Elvin Ramirez In His Jiu-Jitsu Uniform Smiling

    “The atmosphere is one of teamwork, camaraderie and just a real sense of fun and growth.”
    - Elvin Ramirez

  • Chelsea martinez training women’s martial arts in westwood nj

    “Training Grounds has better equipped me to defend myself. The confidence I have gained is backed by a solid skill set that won’t let me down when I need it most.”
    - Chelsea Martinez

  • kelly Lynam smiling in her uniform at her bjj class in westwood

    “I am a personal trainer and I can say that the training grounds program will make you stronger, and increase your stamina, all the while giving you solid self defense skills.”
    - Kelly Lynam

    Josh Vereb
    Joshua Vereb

    Wil and the rest of the staff are amazing. I have seen them work with a huge variety of skill sets and ages. They are amazing with young kids and adults and they make sure every move is explained in detail so that you aren't learning the wrong way. The gym is very clean and the people are very friendly. I highly recommend Training Grounds to anyone looking for great exercise, self-defense training or discipline for their children. Professor Wil and the rest of the coaching staff are incredible. They make sure to explain everything in detail so that you don’t spend your time learning things the wrong way. As someone new to martial arts you don’t really know ifs the place you are choosing was the right choice. But at Training Grounds it was apparent from the start. The success of their students and the way I have been treated are a testament to their quality. I highly recommend Training Grounds martial arts.
    Washington Township, NJ

    student posing with wife before being interviewed about their experience at training grounds
    Rich Spoerl

    I’ve been here a year now and love it. I like how Professor Wil takes the time to explain things and make sure you know what you're doing. At 42 I’ve never trained in martial arts before. It's not just the instructors but also the more advanced students that take the time to help you out. I look forward to training here for a very long time and reaching black belt.
    Dumont, NJ

    ritchie kim for martial arts
    Ritchie Kim

    Some martial arts schools are just interested in getting you to sign up and it's a belt factory where you are just a number at a crowded gym with no support. Others I have been to have instructors with big egos and you don’t feel comfortable asking questions. I’ve actually had a few small memberships at other martial arts schools and it was apparent that they didn’t really have a set martial arts curriculum and you feel like nothing really connects. I am a physical therapist and treat patients for a living and really didn’t want to go to a martial arts school where I would get hurt and be out from work. Training Grounds is a very controlled environment that gives you lots of personal attention and where you can safely learn martial arts.
    Oradell, NJ

    prince walker
    Prince Walker

    Don’t hesitate to join this place. You won’t regret your decision. It has a professional, clean, well run facility that is focused on practical martial arts training. Its made a huge difference in my life
    Park Ridge, NJ

    marc esposito being interviewed about the important of martial arts training for police officers in bergen county
    Marc Esposito

    My friend and colleague trained here so he recommended it to me. We are both police officers so self defense is obviously paramount. It took one class and I signed up for a year. The martial arts instructors are phenomenal and really take the time to make sure you understand everything and will answer all your questions. I’m really happy that I found this martial arts academy.
    Demarest, NJ

    Jason looking happy after getting promoted to the blue belt
    Jason Schlesier

    I’ve only been here for a few months so my initial impressions are that if you are beginneryou will get lots of personal attention. They don’t just cater to the more advanced or senior students. Everyone gets treated the same. Students are very helpful and there is a great atmosphere. Professor Wil explains things in a very easy to understand and fluid manner. I personally have an injury and Professor Wil even customizes the curriculum for me to train around it. It's definitely not a one size fits all type of place.
    Woodcliff Lake, NJ

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    Wil Horneff