Let Your Child Try 30 Days of FREE Kids Martial Arts Classes In Bergen County that Will Provide ...

  • Self-Defense Skills for Effective Bully Prevention
  • Self-Confidence, Discipline and Strong Personal Character
  • Healthy Habits for Life-Long Success

As a parent, you might be wondering ...

Is martial arts really an effective way to keep my child safe from bullying?

Absolutely. In more ways than one. Here's why ...

You see, we teach Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for a reason. It's the most effective form of self-defense on the planet. Why? Because it's founded on easy and instinctual movements that use leverage (with minimal strength or effort). This is how kids and adults are able to use Jiu-Jitsu to defend themselves against larger, stronger opponents or bullies.

With techniques that teach control and submission, your child will possess the opportunity to end a fight in the most humane way possible. He or she will know how to stay safe without inflicting injury (unless it becomes necessary).

When your child begins learning these powerful and effective techniques, you'll notice their confidence and self-esteem improve. This added confidence acts as a shield against bullies, who tend to prey on weaker kids who lack self-esteem.

I know this is true from first-hand experience ...

martial arts for kids in bergen county nj

Hi, my name is Wil Horneff, Master Instructor here at Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA. That's a photo of me at 12 years of age in the film "The Sandlot." I played "Phillips," the BULLY. Ironically, though, I was being bullied just as soon as I went back to school.

I was small for my age which made me easy prey. Whenever a bully wanted to impress a girl they could just show how "easy" it was to beat up Wil. I can't tell you how many times I've had my head shoved into a locker, been thrown to the ground, and been humiliated in front of girls I had a crush on.

That's why I am very serious about stopping bullying for both your kids and my own. Bullying leaves scars that last a lifetime. Sure you may get over it, but those experiences echo for the rest of your life. Today more than ever, social pressures seek to negatively influence your child in ways that prohibit their development into healthy young adults. Whether it be through peer pressure, bullying, or popularity, the pressures to conform are strong.

Don't Let It Happen To Your Child!

At Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA we view the development of respect, self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, and self-confidence as paramount in each and every child. Our program is designed to not only teach kids how to defend themselves, but also how to intelligently cope with bullying and peer pressure.

But the parents say it best. Click the video below to hear what Marisela Martinez says about our program ...

Little Ninjas Parent Marisela Martinez

"I Want Influences Like This In My Sons Life"

Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
5 / 5 stars

My name is Marisela Martinez. I enrolled me son Andy in the kids martial arts classes here and I couldn't be more happy. He's become more self confident, more responsible, kinder and more respectful. I found that he is more focused in school and goes out of his way to do things that he knows will please the instructors. He helps me with the chores, shares with his brother, helps clean the table; so many things that I didn't realize would come along with a kids martial arts class.It's benefited us in so many ways that go beyond merely self defense.

The atmosphere is so nice. It's not overly competitive. Us parents get to hang out and watch their kids train martial arts. As long as this academy is open I am going to send my child here. I really think it takes a village to raise a child and I want influences like this in my sons life."

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Are You Doing Everything You Can To Give Your Child A Head Start In Life?

Are you....

  • Instilling self discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and determination?
  • Motivating them to achieve in life and in school?
  • Increasing their self confidence?
  • Helping them to develop solid character?
  • Teaching them to avoid kids who use drugs?

Of course you are! But let's face it. Great parenting can only go so far. If you are living in Bergen County that means that you are working A LOT just to pay the bills, the mortgage, your property taxes, etc. The pace of life is fast, and sometimes it can be hard to stop long enough to catch your breath, let alone develop a well thought-out plan to teach your child life lessons such as perseverance, determination, respect, and self-discipline, and courage.

You may be overwhelmed with the prospect of your child being bullied. They may have attention issues such as A.D.H.D which can further put them at a disadvantage. Naturally, you may be stressed because you want the best for your child. So as a good parents you are searching for kids martial arts classes in bergen county in the hopes that they can help your child grow into the strong, confident, disciplined young adult that you want. The good news is that they can.

Watch what Lisa Marinkivich says ....

Little Ninjas Parent Lisa Marinkovic

"I Want Influences Like This In My Sons Life"

Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
5 / 5 stars

We wanted to get our son Mark involved with just any kind of activity. However what we got out of it was so much more. His self confidence has gone up. The discipline at home is greatly improved. He used to throw temper tantrums every time I said no. Now he listens to me. The first thing out of his mouth when I pick him up from pre-k is "Mommy do I have training today?" Coach Wil is so over the top encouraging, but if they are not paying attention he calls them out on it and teaches them that there are always consequences. It's a wonderful martial arts school. think that that is very important too.

As much as Mark loves coming here and as much fun as he has, it is about the discipline, the paying attention, and training the moves as well. It's been fantastic and I am so grateful that I found Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA.

Let us show you what additional positive role models can do for your child. Try our Kids Martial Arts classes in Bergen County, Westwood, NJ today – FREE for 30 Days.

In Our Program Your Child Will Experience …

Grade Improvement:

It's not just about the punch, kick, and take-down at Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA. It's about the development of the whole individual. Our program encourages children to achieve good grades at school and rewards them for their efforts!

Leadership Skills:

"I am a leader, not a follower." That's one of the monthly memory mantras we'll instill in your child. We'll teach your child to stand out from the pack and to take the initiative to be a leader, instead of following their friends and peers. We all know how bad kids are becoming these days. The last thing you want your child doing is to be negatively influenced by following the herd. You can feel safe with your child under the guidance of our instructors as positive roll models in your child's life.

Strong Sense Of Identity:

One of the main reasons why kids bend to peer pressure and make poor decisions like taking drugs or engaging in reckless behavior is because they aren't really sure who they are. They don't have a defined sense of identity. At Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA our program is designed to create a positive self image and also to create very negative associations to the dangerous behaviors that worry parents.

Sasi Shalom talks about the atmosphere at Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA (and more) ...

Junior Warriors Parent Sasi Shalom

"I Want Influences Like This In My Sons Life"

Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
5 / 5 stars

My name is Sasi Shalom. I am a real estate developer and Jazz musician. Many schools in the area that I looked at for my kids and myself concentrate on the ceremony as opposed to the technique. What I like about Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA is that the ceremony is less important but the technique is super serious. Master Wil makes sure that you learn things that you can really use if you get into a situation or if you want to get into competition. Wil's enthusiasm and seriousness, yet relaxedness of his approach to teaching and the school itself makes for a very inviting environment. It feels very homey.

When we moved here and began looking for Kids Martial Arts Classes In Bergen County we looked for an environment that was very welcoming to kids, creating discipline but with self respect. We wanted a place that would engender a love for the study of martial arts. Master Wil is doing all this and then some.

Your Child Will Also Enjoy ...

High Energy Classes:

The classes are non stop, high energy, and action packed with games, jiu-jitsu races, supervised sparring, and more. Your children will be so focused on the fun they are having to realize that they are actually learning how to defend themselves though exercises.

Realistic Self-Defense Skills:

Often times parents are looking for Karate in Bergen County when they should be looking for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. When it comes to real-life self-defense situations, traditional martial arts are not as effective as once believed. Once the public was introduced to the UFC and no holds barred fighting, it became very clear that a combination of Gracie Jiu- Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Wrestling was the most effective self-defense system. Our structured kids martial arts classes in Bergen County teach your child realistic self-defense skills that work, while instilling the values of awareness, safety and respect of fellow citizens.

Personalized Attention:

We value each child's progress which is also why we keep our classes small. We keep a good teacher to student ratio. Additionally, we like to have good communication with parents to know what areas or behaviors their child is struggling with so that we can tailor the program to benefit them as much as possible.

Listen to parent, Mike Gray, talk about what he likes about our Kids Martial Arts classes ...

Producer Of "Fightville" And Parent Michael Gray

"It's really something special here."

Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
5 / 5 stars

I train here myself in the adult program but they also offer martial arts classes for kids. I started my kids training here since they were 4 years old. Wil teaches a style of Jiu Jitsu that is effective not only on the mat but also in your daily life and he teaches that to the children. Not giving up when you are in a bad position. Not quitting. In Jiu Jitsu you have to learn to adapt to get yourself out of a bad position and that is also true in life. These lessons are important to learn as an adult and also as a child.

Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA is a warm and inviting atmosphere for my kids. The children all listen, they are disciplined, they do their drills and help encourage each other. It's really something special here.

I hope you take me up on my offer and that I get a chance to help transform you child into a confident, self disciplined, achiever. Give us a call anytime at 201-290-2096 or simply enter your info in the form below we will get back to you to start your child on their martial arts journey.



Call 201-290-2096
Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
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Check Out What Some Of Our Other Members Had To Say...

Junior Warriors Parent Sgt Ed Sullivan

"It's really something special here."

Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
5 / 5 stars

My name is Ed Sullivan. I have been a police offer for 20 years and have trained with some of the best instructors in the world and I consider Wil to be one of them. I don't trust anyone with my kids but I would drop them off at Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA anytime for a workout. I wanted my kids to join for discipline and the overall fitness.

I have seen big strides in the way they behave, their personality and their willingness to workout. The environment is friendly and it's easy for the kids to learn. They have fun but they still have discipline. It's a good balance.