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Wil Horneff
A Message from Professor Wil Horneff, Head Kids Instructor

I’m Wil Horneff, Head Instructor here at Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA in Westwood NJ. I have been teaching children for over 13 years and have a passion for seeing life transformation through the martial arts as it did for me as a child. Great parenting can only go so far, and sometimes with the overwhelming and endless challenges that come with raising a child it can be hard to stop long enough to catch your breath, let alone develop a well thought-out plan to teach your child life lessons such as respect, self-discipline, perseverance, determination, and courage. My program will teach your child the life skills they need to succeed in life and the self defense skills they need to walk with confidence.

Select the primary challenges that your child is facing and I’ll show you how my program can help.  After filling out the form you’ll be directed to our online scheduler where you can reserve a spot in a trial class.  I’ll also give you a call so that we can discuss both the challenges they are facing as well as your goals for them in the program because teaching children should never be a one size fits all approach.  I look forward to meeting you and showing you what Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA is all about.

Wil Horneff
Do You Feel Overwhelmed by The Challenges Of Raising A Child?

You may be overwhelmed with the prospect of your child being bullied. They may have attention issues such as A.D.H.D which can further put them at a disadvantage. Naturally, you may be stressed because you want the best for your child. The good news is that our program is designed to instill in your child over 26 life skills and core values as well as bully proof them by learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA. Our program focuses on life trajectory transformation though the martial arts.  Our instructors know how to empower your child to become resilient, confident, disciplined and to respect themselves and others.  However, unlike some other martial arts schools, the medium we use to do this is one that will really teach your child how to defend themselves vs giving them a false security that will let them down.

Wil Horneff
Discipline, Confidence, Courage!

Our kids program will give your child the discipline they need to see results. They will develop empowering beliefs about themselves leading to both confidence and courage. This added confidence acts as a shield against bullies, who tend to prey on weaker kids who lack self-esteem. Additionally, our classes are fun!  We realize the importance of keeping children engaged and focused on learning.  That’s why we put great care into developing curriculums that are both challenging and fun.    The best way to see what our program is about is to come and and try it out.  If you select the challenges your child is facing below, will show you how our program can help.  After filling our one of our trial forms you will be directed to our online scheduler where you can reserve a trial class.

Select the Challenges Your Child Is Facing
 two kids in white uniforms at a kids martial arts class and practicing a headlock escape

The Best Martial Art For Kids Is In Bergen County Is Jiu-Jitsu, Not Karate Classes

Often times after a bullying incident or out of a desire for their child to increase their self esteem, parents seek out Karate classes for kids or another type of traditional martial arts like Taekwondo. Everyone knows The Karate Kid! However, if the last 15 years of martial arts competition have taught us anything, it’s that the best martial arts for kids is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu hands down. It’s the best chance your child has to stay safe and defend himself against a larger, stronger opponent. Don’t waste years of precious time and money doing something that increases your child’s confidence but doesn’t protect them in a comprehensive way.

girl and boy taking the jiu jitsu class for kids at training grounds in westwood nj

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Teach Self Control

Kids need a way to positively channel their energy. Our kids martial arts classes are energetic, high paced, engaging and fun!! Your child will learn to positively control their energy and behavior. Our instructors are very experienced dealing with children and know how to reinforce the positive behaviors you would like to see them develop. Your kids will learn how to control their impulses and channel them effectively. We have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying in the school. There is nothing better than martial arts for kids who are starting to exhibit bullying behavior. Often times children bully other children because they lack self confidence and discipline. Bullies soon see the error of their ways as they learn that the way to be respected is to respect others first.

two girls facing off against eachother in a kids martial arts class about to do a sparring match

Kids Martial Arts Teaches Them How To Focus

In life it's important to know what to focus on, and what to ignore. Your child will learn both the skill and philosophy of focus. In class they will need to practice the skill of focus in order to learn martial arts. We realize that each child is at a different stage in their ability to concentrate so our goal is to meet them where they are and help them take the next steps. Additionally, children need to know how to focus on empowering thoughts and actions in life and to ignore what holds them back. This will be constantly reinforced in our Life Skills Program. A decent school will teach kids self defense. However a great martial arts school for kids is one that prepares them both and physically and mentally for what they will be facing in life.

two kids bowing before taking a martial arts class in westwood nj

Our Kids Martial Arts Program Teaches Respect

We teach our kids martial arts students to respect themselves, their parents, and their teachers. Kids who display a lack of respect in these three areas often face challenges in their relationships and fail to succeed in life. Respect is integral to the Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA kids martial arts program and is reinforced every day that your child steps on the mat. However, this is not a one size fits all approach. Our instructors apply a “connect before you correct” approach to mentoring your child and prefer to work closely with parents in order to achieve our common goals.

kid looking confident and determined during a kids a self defense class

Martial Arts Gives Kids Confidence & Pride

Your child gets to be the champion of their life as they realize their full potential under the watchful eye of our highly qualified instructors. Kids martial arts classes have been shown to be very beneficial to a child’s psychology. Our mission is to inspire, mentor and challenge each child with the aim of making them confident, assertive, and resilient in order to deal with the social and societal challenges they are going to be facing in life. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the the constant negative social pressures that they may be facing. Let us partner with you in giving them a positive self identify backed up by real world self defense skills in our martial arts classes for kids.

a martial arts teacher helping two kids who are in a fighting stance and smiling

Martial Arts Leads To Better Performance In School And High Grades

Our kids martial arts program emphasizes education and rewards getting good grades in school. Focusing, studying and excelling become habitual for our martial arts students. We like to tell parents that education and succeeding in life is the goal, and children’s jiu jitsu is the method. The lessons of consistency, discipline, focus, and a non quitting spirit that they learn on the mats is something they will apply in school. We routinely have students who go from struggling in school to receiving top honors within a year.

kid looking determined during his martial art class

Our Self Defense Classes For Kids Trains Them To Have A Non Quitting Spirit

Our Kids Martial Arts will teach your child the most effective form of self defense for kids. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches kids how to handle adversity, to show courage and never give up, to keep going when things get tough, and to keep trying until they succeed. We call this the “meta skill.” By learning this skill in our self defense classes they are able to learn every other skill that will help them succeed in life. Your child will learn to see to see failure as a positive learning experience from which to motivate themselves vs something to shy away from. As we walk them through this process they will develop an empowering identity and see themselves in a new light. They will develop a resiliency and stick-to-it-ness that will help them break barriers, not boards, for the rest of their life.

Kid crying while two bullies laugh and point at him

Bullying Creates Both Internal And External Scars

Bullying leaves scars that last a lifetime. And oftentimes kids who are bullied become bullies because they suffer from low self esteem. Sure you may get over it, but those experiences echo for the rest of your life. The low self esteem, depression and anxiety that bullying inflicts on your child will last a lifetime. Today more than ever, social pressures seek to negatively influence your child in ways that prohibit their development into healthy young adults. Bullies tend tend to prey on kids who lack confidence making them an easy target. When you enroll your child in our jiu jitsu classes for kids we take that target right off their back and equip them to deal with every form of bullying whether it be physical, verbal, or emotional.

two special needs children standing together smiling

We Provide Special Needs Children With Structure, Support, And A Positive Sense Of Self

Our kids martial arts instructors have experience working with special needs children and can provide them with the help they need. We have worked with kids who have ADD, ADHD, Low Muscle Tone, as well as kids who are on the spectrum. Developmental and coordination issues can make kids feel marginalized and discouraged and may even lack socialization skills. In our kids martial arts classes your child will receive the affirmation they need to know that they can achieve anything they want in life as well as the structure and feedback to develop focus and control. Our environment is safe and supportive and we love working closely with parents on a week by week basis to ensure their child is progressing in a positive manner.

a group of kids raising their hands to answer a question in a martial arts class

We Will Help Your Child Become Self Motivated & Disciplined

Does your child start things but lose interest or lack the follow through necessary to get the results they need? Do they struggle with being self disciplined? Aside from bullying, this behavioral challenge has the potential to do the most damage. Our kids mixed martial arts program is designed to teach and reward 26 integral life skills to help them succeed in life including Honesty, Integrity, Respect & Self Discipline. These qualities will become habitual for your child as you partner with us and we mentor them in our youth martial arts program. Kids tend to become like the group of peers you surround them with. In our kids martial arts classes you’ll find a group of highly motivated, disciplined, over achievers who put most adults to shame.

an unhappy obese child frowning

Obesity Leads To Body Issues And Low Sense Of Self Worth

Your child doesn’t need to develop the health problems and self esteem issues that obesity brings. Martial arts training can help them lose weight, develop strength and increase their self esteem. Over the years we have seen scores of overweight children come into our program and not only lose weight but develop a new identity for who they are and what they can accomplish in life. Get your child started today on a new path!

two girls in pink uniforms smiling and training in a kids martial arts class

We Teach Your Kids To Love Exercise

Kids develop attitudes to exercise, effort and fitness early in life. They will get used to and enjoy wherever they spend the most time whether that be an Xbox or something healthy and empowering like a kids martial arts class. Once those attitudes and associations are set its hard to change. By getting them involved in martial arts and self defense early on in life you can change the entire trajectory of their lives, impacting not only their self esteem but their long term health.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child has attitude and temperament problems. What can martial arts do for them?

To be a kids martial arts instructor you need to be able to see beyond the behaviors. We follow of principal of “connect before you correct.” We try to connect with our students so that they want to behave correctly. At the same time we have a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior. We reward and reinforce the behaviors that your child will need to thrive in their lives and we discipline the behaviors that are disempowering to them. It’s all part of the program.

How does your martial arts program help my child do better at school?

Self motivation and self discipline are skills we consistently reinforce in our kids classes. They are the “meta-skills” that will help your child learn the other 24 life skills we teach. We coach children in a holistic fashion and by placing equal emphasis on character we ensure they they will be a success both in life and on the mats.

I’m afraid taking martial arts will make my child more aggressive with friends and siblings. I don’t want them getting into fights. Do I need to worry about that?

While that concern is understandable, the reality is that martial arts training actually makes kids less aggressive by giving them a positive outlet to channel their energy. Additionally, the increase in self esteem makes them more caring towards their peers. Our kids martial arts program teaches that the proper place for practicing self defense is at the academy. Our student know that martial arts is to be used as a last resort. This type of training makes kids more self aware and confident. Confident kids don’t bully!

My child is a little shy and timid. Can martial arts help this?

Absolutely! Timidity or being afraid is all about confidence. The self confidence your child develops in our program will lead to personality changes. They will become bolder and sure of themselves in their social interactions.

My child doesn’t like sports. Will martial arts be any different?

The interesting thing we have noticed is that sometimes kids who are not interested in other sports or who perform poorly with sports that require hand/eye coordination such as baseball tend to enjoy and perform well in Jiu-Jitsu. Moreover, we make learning martial arts fun! Your child will be challenged, but will also receive positive reinforcement whenever they are exhibiting mental toughness and a non quitting spirit.

My child is overweight. Will they be able to keep up?

Absolutely. All beginner level classes are designed to allow anyone to participate no matter their skill or athletic ability. Additionally, our instructors are focused on both the physical and psychological well being of the students. They know both when to push and when to praise.

My child struggles with attention issues. Is that going to be an issue in class?

Our instructors have tons of experience teaching kids with ADHD as well as other challenges. We do not apply a one size fits all approach to coaching. This is why we like to partner with parents who are invested in their child’s development. We will help your child develop the focus and behavioral habits they need to succeed. And if we feel that they aren’t ready yet we will let you know.

My child is shy and struggles socially. I’m afraid they are going to feel abandoned or left out?

No child is left behind or ignored. While our kids martial arts program is designed to teach focus and self motivation, each and every child gets equal personal attention. We hold ourselves to the highest standard each and every martial arts class we teach.

My child suffers from low self esteem. Will training martial arts help?

Yes. Each and every class your child will grow in their self esteem as they are challenged and come out victorious. They will develop new references to support an empowering belief in themselves. Our program is about total life trajectory transformation! Your child will develop a strong sense of identity that will empower them in every other area of their lives.

How does learning martial arts help my child learn self discipline?

Learning martial arts requires that they focus and repeat the moves over and over. Additionally, they will be taking direction from coaches who will adjusting their technique. In order to do this well they will have to learn how to focus and control their bodies.

How can my child learn respect from your martial arts classes?

Respect is a core value of our program. Our students are taught to respect themselves, their family, and other students.

My child is starting to bully other children. Will learning martial arts help him stop?

Yes. Children tend to bully others due to feelings of inadequacy and/or fear. By learning martial arts, your child will develop a new identity and sense of self worth. They won’t feel the need to assert their dominance over others. Confident kids don’t get bullied or turn into bullies!

Will martial arts help my kid lose weight?

Our classes are energetic and fun. They will burn a ton of calories and help build your child’s core strength. It's vital that kids develop a passion for fitness at a young age.

My child has problem with motor coordination. Will they get hurt?

No. Our kids martial arts instructors are experienced working with children of all types. They have experience working with kids who have both physical and mental disabilities including low muscle tone, a.d.d, and Aspergers. Coaching is not a one size fits all approach. Our instructors know how to get your child where they need to be through incremental, achievable goals.

See Our Trial Offer, View Our Schedule, And Reserve Your Spot Today!
  • Lauren and her two kids smiling before their kids class

    “We pass by many schools much closer to home. They just don’t compare to the experience that is offered here.”
    - Lauren Wright

  • Vanessa burt and her children talking after training in our kids martial arts classes in westwood nj

    “I wanted my kids to develop courage, self esteem, and discipline. That’s exactly what what Training Grounds delivered.”
    - Vanessa Burt

  • Marisela martinez a parent at training grounds

    “My son has become more self confident, more responsible, kinder and more respectful.”
    - Marisela Martinez

  • Rebekah and her son Ami after getting out of his class at our westwood location

    “Our commute to Training Grounds is one hour each time. That should tell you something.”
    - Rebekah Mally

  • Charmaine and her four children on a couch

    “I speak for all of the kids when I say we really love it here. Such a great atmosphere.”
    - Charm Mastro

  • the yurista family at a restaurant smiling

    “It has improved his self esteem, his discipline and his perseverance all the while teaching these awesome life skills that they have.”
    - Lee Lenoir Yurista

  • chris fontanetta and his wife at a benefit attended by all parents whose kids are in the martial arts program

    “The kids have so much confidence now and it's backed up by real skills too, not some false confidence.”
    - Chris Fontanetta

    Marisela martinez a parent at training grounds
    Marisella Martinez

    My name is Marisela Martinez. I enrolled my son Andy in the kids martial arts classes here and I couldn't be more happy. He's become more self confident, more responsible, kinder and more respectful. I found that he is more focused in school and goes out of his way to do things that he knows will please me and his martial art instructors. He helps me with the chores, shares with his brother, helps clean the table; so many things that I didn't realize would come along with a kids martial arts class. It's benefited us in so many ways that go beyond merely self defense. The atmosphere is so nice. It's not overly competitive. Us parents get to hang out and watch their kids train martial arts. As long as this academy is open I am going to send my child here. I really think it takes a village to raise a child and I want influences like this in my son's life.
    Haworth, NJ

    max paparazzos father jake
    Matthew Paparazzo

    This kids martial arts program so greatly exceeded every expectation and they were already high as I’ve been around many martial arts schools in my life. I was initially concerned my son Max was too young but Professor Wil made me feel comfortable enough to give it a shot. Wil was confident that he would be able to engage Max. All I can say is thank God that I did because Max is thriving in Professor Wil’s kids class. Not only is he learning great self defense but the life skills Professor Wil teaches are priceless. I really got so much more than I ever thought I would out of a kids martial arts class.
    Closter, NJ

    a picture of lisa marinkovic from her facebook smiling
    Lisa Marinkovic

    We just wanted to get our son Mark involved in something fun. However what we got out of it was so much more than you would expect from a kids martial arts class. His self confidence has gone up. The discipline at home is greatly improved. He used to throw temper tantrums every time I said “no”. Now he listens to me. The first thing out of his mouth when I pick him up from pre-k is "Mommy do I have training today?" Coach Wil is so over the top encouraging, but if they are not paying attention he calls them out on it and teaches them that there are always consequences. It's a wonderful kids martial arts school. As much as Mark loves coming here and as much fun as he has, it is about the discipline, the paying attention, and training the moves as well. It's been fantastic and I am so grateful that I found the Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA kids martial arts program
    Haworth, NJ

    Mike Grey and his son smiling after class
    Michael Gray

    I train here myself in the adult program but they also offer martial arts for kids. I started my kids training here since they were 4 years old. Wil teaches a style of Jiu Jitsu that’s effective not only on the mat but also in your daily life and he teaches that to the children. Not giving up when you are in a bad position. Not quitting. In Jiu Jitsu you have to learn to adapt to get yourself out of a bad position and that is also true in life. These martial arts lessons are important to learn as an adult and also as a child. Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA is a warm and inviting atmosphere for my kids. The children all listen, they are disciplined, they do their drills and help encourage each other. It's really something special here.
    Ridgewood, NJ

    ed sullivan and his son
    Ed Sullivan

    My name is Ed Sullivan. I have been a police offer for 20 years and have trained with some of the best instructors in the world and I consider Professor Wil to be one of them. I don't trust anyone with my kids but I would drop them off at Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA anytime and feel comfortable coming back after their class is done although I love watching it. I know my kids are going to be well taken care of. I wanted my kids to join a kids martial arts school for self defense, discipline, and fitness. I’ve seen big strides in their self confidence and motivation as well. The environment is friendly and it's easy for the kids to learn because of how engaging Professor Wil is.
    River Edge, NJ

    salome kim and her family after their son joey’s martial arts class in westwood nj
    Salome Kim

    I can’t say enough about the kids martial arts program here. They focus equally on the physical and personal development aspects of training a martial art. Both of my sons love coming to the kids jiu jitsu class each week. They are challenged yet encouraged and it’s so awesome to see both their skill set and confidence develop each week. We are fortunate to have Professor Wil and the other coaches around to be such positive role models in our kids lives.
    Emerson, NJ

    signed her son up for kids martial arts to prevent bullying
    Miriam Yu

    My son is small so I knew I wanted to sign him up for kids martial arts to prevent bullying. A friend said specifically to chose kids brazilian jiu jitsu vs taekwondo or karate because it was more effective for real self defense. The first thing that you notice is how absolutely amazing Professor Wil is with children. My son walked out feeling confident and happy unlike other kids martial arts programs we have tried where we had to force him to go. I’ve noticed my sons personality blossom. He used to be more shy and reserved and now he’s friends with everyone in his class. He smiles more, speaks louder and with more confidence. I really can’t say enough about their program. Would recommend their kids classes to any parent who wants a comprehensive solution to make their child more disciplined, courageous and confident.
    Cresskill, NJ

    blake barba with a medal around his neck and another student with after winning a kids jiu jitsu competition
    Bret Barba

    My son has been taking the kids jiu jitsu classes at Training Grounds for a year now. Leading up to this he had been asking us to take him to a “karate class.” But I knew if he was going to do anything it was going to be brazilian jiu jitsu based upon its proven efficacy for self defense. In determining where to send my son I had some concerns. I have been a school teacher in NYC for the last decade and had concerns that my son may be too young to grasp the concepts. Additionally, what I noticed after trying out a bunch of other programs is that you either had school that was geared towards adults and they didn’t know how to properly teach kids or they had a fun kids martial arts class but they weren’t good practitioners themselves. I didn’t just want blake going for the entertainment value of it. What I found was that Training Grounds was the best of both worlds. Not only is Professor Wil an accomplished bjj black belt under ralph gracie but is a real master educator when it comes to not only teaching entertaining kids martial arts classes but also when it comes to communicating how to learn it. He has the exceptional level of patience required to work with kids of varying ages, skill levels, maturity levels. It's pretty obvious he loves what he teaches and it manifests itself with successful students. If you compare his kids martial arts classes to others I’m sure you will come to the same conclusion I did.
    Dumont, NJ

    Rebekah and her son Ami after getting out of his class at our westwood location
    Rebekah Mally

    My five year old goes to Training Grounds. He loves to “punch and kick,” as he says and that’s initially why I was looking for a kids martial arts class. I also wanted him to find an appropriate channel for his energy vs the playground. Professor Wil is so great and I could not have asked for a more understanding and sensitive instructor towards my child. He really is so kind to them and really makes them feel special with the one on one attention that they so crave at this age. I LOVE the life skills that they teach!! This last month's theme was Discipline. I had no clue about this element to their program when he joined. We couldn’t be happier, and most importantly my son loves it!!
    Montvale, NJ

    aviva weiss and her daughter arielle after a fun martial arts class
    Aviva Weiss

    My daughter’s two friends invited her to try out the kid classes and she loves it. She is much more courageous and disciplined and I have noticed a real change in her self esteem. It's really been amazing to watch and we couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments in this program. She has even been student of the month. These coaches are always putting in a huge effort with the kids!
    Washington Township, NJ

    Laryssa and her two sons together outside of the kids martial arts class.
    Laryssa Newsom

    My son enrolled in the training grounds kids martial arts program a few months ago and he loves it. We love it to because we see the progress in his focus and discipline. He’s also more independent and assertive. For example he will just take charge and partner up with kids that he doesn’t know in the class. He genuinely loves going.
    Park Ridge, NJ

     malissa and her two boys after training
    Malissa Wright

    My two boys are in the kids program and LOVE it. My four year old struggles with his speech and can be hyperactive so I wanted to put him in a program that could help. Professor Wil teaches in a way that helps my children retain what they learn. It's a really good balance of fun, discipline, and respect.
    Northvale, NJ

    gerard and his wife
    Gerard Dargan

    My son told me that he was interested in learning martial arts so I began to ask around and do my own research on the best fit for us both in terms of style and school. My experience with the training grounds kids martial arts program has been outstanding. Professor Wil does a great job with the kids and his wife makes customer service pleasant and effortless. I would highly recommend the Training Grounds kids program
    Paramus, NJ

    Charmaine and her four children on a couch
    Charm Mastro

    Three of my children take the kids martial arts classes. I even take the self defense class. The instructors are very patient with all of us. Professor Wil does a great job with one of my kids who has special needs. I speak for all of the kids when I say we really love it here. Such a great atmosphere.
    Westwood, NJ

    Pat carozza at his business called freak strength talking about the benefits of kids martial arts
    Pat Carozza

    I have my own business called Freak Strength which focuses on making high level athletes through sport specific training. I knew exactly what I was looking for in a kids martial arts program for my son. I initially was here for myself in the adult classes. What I can say is that they give my 6 year old son the same level attention they give me in the adult program. It really is a unique place.
    Hohokus, NJ

    brett and his family at their home in westwood nj
    Brett Thompson

    Professor Wil is an incredible teacher and the students at the gym are always looking to help each other improve. After attending classes for several months I signed up my 10 year old son for the kids martial arts classes. I highly recommend checking out TG if you want your child to learn BJJ, self defense and gain confidence.
    Westwood, NJ

    the yurista family at a restaurant smiling
    Lee Lenoir Yurista

    My son Dean is in the kids class. Professor Wil calls him “Dean The Machine” because of how good he has become. He looks forward to his Jiu Jitsu class every week. It has improved his self esteem, his discipline and his perseverance all the while teaching these awesome life skills that they have. Things like honesty, integrity, selflessness, and focus. It's a comprehensive solution for a child’s development. It's one of the best gifts I could ever give him. Thank You!
    Norwood, NJ

    chris fontanetta and his wife at a benefit attended by all parents whose kids are in the martial arts program
    Chris Fontanetta

    These guys do an incredible job with my kids. They really drive home the importance of responsibility, respect, school, self discipline, and manners. The kids have so much confidence now and it's backed up by real skills too, not some false confidence like you might get with kids karate classes or taekwondo. The adult class that I take is great. Solid group of friendly guys. It's the best kids martial arts program in the area in my opinion.
    Paramus, NJ

    sasi shalom
    Sasi Shalom

    My name is Sasi Shalom. I am a real estate developer and Jazz musician. Many schools in the area that I looked at for my kids and myself concentrate on the ceremony as opposed to the technique. What I like about Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA is that the ceremony is less important but the technique is super serious. Master Wil makes sure that you learn things that you can really use if you get into a situation or if you want to get into competition. Wil's enthusiasm and seriousness, yet relaxedness of his approach to teaching and the school itself makes for a very inviting environment. It feels very homey. When we moved here and began looking for Kids Martial Arts Classes In Bergen County we looked for an environment that was very welcoming to kids, creating discipline but with self respect. We wanted a place that would engender a love for the study of martial arts. Master Wil is doing all this and then some.
    Ridgewood, NJ

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    Wil Horneff