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VIrtual Kids Martial Arts Classes

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Teach Your Child The Importance Of Discipline

Does your child struggle to get out of their PJs in the morning? Are they acting out in ways they never did before? Are they spending way too much time watching tv or using an iPad? All of these are destructive habits that will still be here after the social distancing is gone. Once life returns to normal they will have yet another hurdle to get over. Bad habits can last a lifetime. But it’s hard sometimes in the current situation to see what they are going through and then enforce discipline. Let us help you with that. We inspire kids and affirm their successes at home. Our life skill program will teach them the habits they need to hit the ground running when life goes back to normal. Give your child a head start.

Keeping Your Kids Healthy Is A Top Priority

Evidence shows that adults and kids need regular exercise. A great workout gets the endorphins flowing and gives you a positive mental outlet. It lifts your spirits and can set the tone for the rest of the day. Kids who exercise regularly are less likely to be stressed out, and lash out. Virtual martial arts classes will help your child feel centered and ready to take on the day.

Kids Need Structure & Normalcy

Kids need someone to set the structure for them in order to make sense out of their day. Now that their entire routine has been upended and all their activities have been canceled it places a much larger burden on already overstretched parents. Virtual martial arts classes give kids the structure they need to succeed. It also gives parents a much-needed break without feeling guilty.

Physical Activity Promotes Mental Health

Now that your child's school is canceled and their sports are canceled it may be difficult for them to deal with their energy.  Combine that with the lack of mobility that comes from being home all day and you have a real challenge on your hands. We will help your child burn their energy in a positive way.  We have fun cardio challenges, martial arts drills, and high energy classes to keep them going.  The right activity for your child is one that benefits them physically and emotionally.  Our workouts will give you a happy child!
Schedule Your FREE Private Lesson & Get A 10 Day Class Pass
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