Are you tired of feeling like a potential victim?

Then it’s time to seek out some self defense classes in bergen county nj…

Do you want the Incredible Self Confidence Of Knowing That You Have The Ability To Handle Yourself And Protect Your Loved One’s No Matter What The Situation? That’s what our self defense classes can do for you.

Taking Self Defense Classes at Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA means that you don’t have to be the victim. Our goal is to teach you practical real world self defense while increasing your strength, stamina and flexibility. Getting in shape shouldn’t have to be a chore. It should be fun, engaging, and able to keep you coming back consistently for more. Additionally, self defense should be realistic, practical, and able to be used when it counts most.

self defense classes in nj

Warning: The problem with most Martial Arts Schools that teach self defense classes in NJ

Most schools teach self defense in bergen county nj teach a form of martial arts that will wind up getting you extremely hurt in a real situation. Are you a grappler and think that all you need to learn is the ground game? Yes most fights wind up on the ground but they all start on both feet. Are you a striker that thinks you can just strike your way out of a situation? Wrong. All it takes is a good wrestler and you are like a fish out of water. Are you a wrestler that has great takedowns and thinks that is enough? No way. If you want to learn real self defense in bergen county nj you MUST train all 3 disciplines.

At Training Grounds not only will you learn practical self defense but you will also...

  • Gain muscle and lose fat
  • Get muscular strength and stamina
  • Your cardio will go through the roof
  • Feel more energetic in your day to day activities
  • Your flexibility will increase
  • Your muscles will get rock hard and toned
  • Develop explosive power
  • develop balance and co-ordination and increased reaction time
  • The classes will help you de-stress from work

Learning How To Defend Yourself Is The Ultimate Accomplishment.

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questions about self defense in bergen county nj

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I in shape enough to do this?

At Training Grounds our programs are designed to take you from zero fitness and zero self defense experience to a strong in shape black belt. Our highly skilled instructors make sure to meet every student where they are in order to bring them where they want to be. We have programs of varying intensity to meet every level of experience and we let people progress at their own rate. Additionally, when you start you are placed into our beginner friendly “Foundations” program which is designed to help you get in shape and learn self defense from the ground up.

College Student - Madison Steel

"I'm Now Physically In Shape, Mentally Quicker, And Have Met A Lot Of Friends"

I'm going to college next year so I was looking for a place that taught self defense in bergen county. After 6 months I am now physically in shape, mentally quicker, and met a lot of great friends.

Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
5 / 5 stars

The atmosphere is great because everyone around you motivates you to train harder. I never want to leave the place. I never feel awkward raising my hand if I need help because everyone is really approachable. Training Grounds is my home away from home.

Am I going to get beat up by advanced people?

This is something that is all to common in schools that teach self defense classes in nj. Some gyms are only geared towards "fighters" and the hobbyist gets thrown to the side or gets roughed up. At Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA we are not a "throw you to the wolves academy" like so many other self defense schools in nj. On the contrary, we have programs of varying intensity to meet every level of experience and we let people progress at their own rate

Radiologist - John Then
Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
5 / 5 stars

When you come in you don't get thrown to the wolves and left to figure it out on your own. Everyone has a teaching hat on helping eachother out. The atmosphere is very welcoming.

Is the place going to be intimidating?

One of the first things you will notice when you come in is the friendly relaxed atmosphere and strong sense of community. For instance we throw UFC parties, go on outings together, and celebrate each other’s birthdays. We are a tight knit community mutually dedicated to helping each other reach our respective fitness and self defense goals.

CEO - Laszlo Ember
Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
5 / 5 stars

When I came in I was initially nervous not really knowing what to expect from self defense classes but the warm friendly environment put me at ease right off the bat. Everyone is here friendly and help eachother out

Am I too old to do this?

It’s never too late to get in the best shape of your life. We have people that train with us well into their 60’s. Additionally customizations are made to your training program based on age and physical limitations. Self Defense is for everyone!

Professor At Manhattan College - Rafael Corbalan
Training Grounds Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
5 / 5 stars

I thought maybe I was goign to be too old to train but I needed to find something to do for exercise that wasn't boring. The self defense classes at Training Grounds, specifically the BJJ is excellent. It doesn't matter your age, you can do this.

I may be too physically weak to do this

If you are physically weak that may be your single biggest advantage and you may find yourself progressing faster than someone who is stronger. The reason for this is that you will be forced to do the techniques correctly instead of using too much strength. The brazilian jiu jitsu techniques are based on leverage which is going to allow you to be able to control and defeat larger, stronger, more athletic opponents with very little effort.

I may be too physically weak to do this

“I am going to remove every bit of risk for you so that you can experience the results for yourself. You can try the best self defense classes in bergen county nj totally risk free for the next 30 days”



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